Laing Thermotech 6050U5013 #ad - Old laing part number UC-303-BRW. 1/2" union connections. Max 4 gpm @ 4' head. Requires only 33 watts of power. Low flow rate to reduce pipe noise. The sm-909 series pumps are available for larger plumbing circuits. The ultracircâ„¢ feature is available on the SM-303 and SMT-303 series pumps. The compact design saves space, the cost associated with purchasing the additional fittings and is also a huge labor-saving product for the contractor/plumber.

Quick release screw ring. The laing uc-303-bw ultra-circ circulator pump design incorporates a ball valve on the inlet side of the pump, a spring check valve on the discharge side of the pump and 1/2"" sweat union connections.

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Laing LHB08260001, Multicolored

Laing LHB08260001 #ad - Minimum switch Interval - 30 minutes. Lhb08260001 easy installation. Lhb08260001. Run modes - on continuous, off Off at all times and TIMER Run at programmed intervals. Internally powered by the E series circulating pump.

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