MAXECO #ad - Changeable pressure switch. Can not dry for extended periods of time. Never use a high pressure for your flow pump to fit a thin sprayer. Provide appropriate pressure adjustment to the switch. Double protection: sealed pressure switch automatically turns the pump off when pressure builds up. Built-in thermal protector.

Thermal overload protection automatically stops motor should it overhear due to overload, with auto re-start feature. 5. Light and small, high flow, energy efficient, sturdy base, low noise, steady operation. Product description Specification: Voltage:AC110V /055amp max shut off pressure:160psi max open flow:5lpm /80gph max liquid Temp: 140℉60℃ Maximum lift: 95m Weight:2.

MAXECO-110V 160PSI High Pressure Diaphragm Water Pump Self Priming 80GPM 5LPM-Water Pressure Booster Pump Sprayer for Home/Misting/Caravan/RV/Boat/Marine #ad - 7kg interface aperture: 12. 7mm valve material: epdm diaphragm material: rubber elastic material protection valve type: intelligent valve (with Pressure switch) Medium:no oil, non-acid and alkali, no strong corrosive, no solid particles Package includes: ◆Water diaphragm pump ◆1/2"Pagoda-Type straight joint×2 ◆1/2"Thread-Type straight joint×2 Features: -Runs dry without damage.

High quality : 100% full copper wire high-quality motor, long service life, no leakage, quiet operation. Factory set pressure value for daily use is 125PSI. Application:marine yachts, rvs, catering services, agricultural misting, automobiles, general industry, distillation equipment, household, boats, and vans.

If the pump shakes or vibrates at a high rate of frequency, please adjust the tap to discharge more water.

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Orbit 10109W Mist Calcium Inhibitor Filter

Orbit Underground/Sunmate 10109W #ad - Additionally, the filter coats smaller particulates with polyphosphates that enable easier passage through nozzles without forming blockages. Prolongs nozzle life by preventing solid particles from clogging nozzles. For use with all outdoor cooling systems. Recommended for use with all outdoor mist cooling systems.

The calcium inhibitor filter protects your misting systems by preventing potentially clogging solid sediments from passing through the system. Helps eliminate clogging when used with auto drain valves. It filters our particles as small as 5 microns, which is smaller than a human hair. Annual filter replacement is recommended and will prolong the life of mist nozzles.

Orbit 10109W Mist Calcium Inhibitor Filter #ad - Keeps mist cooling system operating at its best.

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