Ball, Bounce and Sport, Inc. 72-10850REDBLU #ad - Because the bosu balance trainer is impossible to master, it means endless exercise options as strength and ability increase. Using the bosu balance trainer dome side up provides an ever-changing, UNSTABLE, dynamic surface while the device itself remains stable. The bosu balance trainer delivers an ever-changing dynamic surface that you can stand on, jump on, and lay on, kneel on, to perform exercises to train and challenge every part of your body.

Flip the bosu over and use dome side down to Discover even more exercises. The bosu balance trainer helps to increase body strength and improve balance, coordination and body awareness which means overall improved fitness and fewer injuries. The bosu name is an acronym for both sides utilized which refers to its versatility as a training device.

Red/Blue - Bosu Balance Trainer, 65cm The Original #ad - It consists of an inflated rubber dome attached to a rigid platform. Proudly made in the USA. And, because of its small size and weight it makes a great addition to any home gym and fits easily into any fitness PROGRAM. 90 day Warranty. This element of instability is what creates the added challenge during exercises and is what makes Bosu so effective, and fun, as a fitness device.

Bosu balance trainer is known industry-wide as a versatile fitness device that delivers killer cardio workouts, builds strength, improves balance and flexibility, and fine-tunes sport skills. Bosu balance trainer combines all the elements of fitness cardiovascular toning and flexibility into unique and highly effective combinations.

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Bosu Balance Trainer, 65cm "The Original"

Bosu 72-10850-PKIN-Parent #ad - The bosu balance trainer program has been designed so that you can train cardiovascular or aerobic fitness, and endurance especially for the ab and back muscles, muscular strength, and flexibility. The bosu balance trainer gives you a fast, fun workout that is easy to fit into even the busiest lifestyle.

And while you're getting stronger and more fit, you will also be improving your balance, coordination and body awareness. What this means is that you will look better, feel better and move better in sports and fitness training as well as daily activities.

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